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Painting contractor website design services will boost word of mouth sales, improve credibility, and get your business noticed online. Get a site without any headache.

The painting industry is more competitive than ever. Companies with a strong online presence stand out from the crowd- and are more likely to win paying customers. A painting business website is make or break for company success, and working with a web designer is the best way to achieve marketing goals. Looking for Expert Help with a Website Design? Blue Collar Website services provide businesses with a sleek, professional website that matches their brand identity and gets your message across to potential clients effectively and convincingly. Learn more today.


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Hire a web designer that's built many painting websites. The cost of our websites are so low, that it earning just 1 job per year will pay for itself.


Fill out 1 form that takes 5 minutes, and we'll take it from there. If the website isn't done within 2 weeks your first month will be free, guaranteed.


We don't force you into contracts, or tack on extra fees. We've kept all our clients because we do good work, not because we force them to work with us.


We are on-call to make unlimited website changes. We'll get your most recent job photos up or any other updates to the site done for you. YOU DO NOTHING!

What Are the Key Elements of Successful Painting Company Websites?

The best painting contractors' websites have a lot in common- and not just because they work in the same service area. A company can shine as a unique brand while following a similar structure and theme based on what performs well in their market.

Here are a few things that successful painting companies include in their contractor websites to use as inspiration.

Clean, Clear, and Organized Design

Whether a person prefer bold colors or minimal elements, keeping their website design clean, modern, and well-structured is key. Successful designs use simple aesthetics with a professional feel to keep the website appealing but not over-complicated or childish.

Five-Star Reviews and Client Testimonials

Including reviews with the phrase "five-star painting" and similar terms is a good choice for painting contractor websites. It is punchy and attention-grabbing- and can help draw in clients who are browsing painting services.

Well-Planned and Positioned Call-to-Action Sections

Call-to-action buttons drive website visitors to contact the company or move forward with their plans to hire them. These should be carefully placed and well-worded for maximum efficiency.

Contact Forms and Phone Numbers

It is frustrating when one finds a website but can't work out how to contact the company. Painting sites should always have clear contact details. Online contact forms are increasingly popular.

High-Quality Content with Optimized SEO

Optimizing content for search engine rankings is a must for visibility. Most people don't look past the first page of search engine results, so businesses need to make sure they are on there! Having valuable, well-written content that uses keywords and phrases effectively gets them noticed more easily by prospective clients.

Easy Navigations and Clear Sections

Messy, confusing websites are rarely effective. The best websites have clear sections and are easy to navigate.

Photos From Jobs

Before and after images and other relevant pictures are a common theme among successful painting contractor website design. They create visual interest and immediately show prospective customers what the business and their services can do.

Local Pack Search Results

It is vital for a local company's website to show up when people enter location-based searches. People can modify their websites to pop up in local pack Google searches- perfect for any local business looking to connect with clients in their area.

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How Can Great Web Design Benefit Painting Contractors?

It is easy to underestimate the importance of a painting company website, but doing so could be detrimental to business. Having a high-quality website can transform how people connect with clients- and increase their chances of success.

Reasons People Need a Professional Website for Their Painting Company

  • Running a national or local painting company without a website is no longer an option for businesses that want to appear professional and trustworthy.

  • A website with modern design features appeals to clients more and will hold their attention longer.

  • Websites act as a full-time sales rep for companies- advertising services and showing what makes that business the best choice.

  • Having a strong website makes painting businesses more visible online- helping people find the company when they search for that service.

  • It is easier to communicate with clients with the help a great website- and it can streamline customer service practices.

  • A well-designed painting site can get companies noticed, attract customers, generate leads, and improve their reputation.

Why are Web Design Services a Good Choice for a Painting Business?

Knowing what other painting contractors with good websites have done is one thing, but putting them into practice in a way that suits your brand is another. Working with experts in custom websites makes all the difference.

  • They can take the client's ideas and convert them into a strong website design.

  • Professional web designers know what works and what doesn't- and can build websites to perform well in the modern markets.

  • Working with web designers streamlines content marketing efforts for easier and more effective client outreach and communication.

  • They can ensure the content ranks well with leading search engines- especially Local Pack searches in the relevant area.

  • Building a website is complicated and not always possible to do without professional knowledge. Painting business owners can have their ideal website even if they have never written a single line of code in their lives.

  • If owners are concerned about their new website going live, a professional can look it over and tweak anything that is not up to standard.

  • By working closely with clients and listening to their input, a website design expert can inject the brand identity into the site- and ensure it represents the company properly.

  • They can also adapt the website to have a desktop version and mobile compatibility.

Boost Your Business with a Custom Painting Website Design

Blue Collar Websites specializes in designing and building exceptional websites for contractors and construction professionals. They work closely with clients to understand their brand and vision- and to bring it to life in a way that sets them up for success.

The nationwide service includes comprehensive design planning and site building- from setting up the domain authority to tweaking the content to rank highly with leading search engines. Excellent technical skills and digital knowledge help the team ensure the best quality and unrivaled performance for the websites they design.

Contact Blue Collar Websites Today

Painting professionals looking to improve their own website so it ranks highly, attracts customers, and generates quality leads should contact the expert team at Blue Collar Websites today for a free quote. Don't wait to enhance your company website and get your services noticed!

Ready For A Custom Painter Website?

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