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Those who are looking for professional web design for remodelers can turn to Blue Collar Websites. Get a custom website specific to your business!

A contractor website is one of the most important items in any remodeling company's toolset. It helps businesses establish trust among clients and works to encourage potential customers through the sales funnel. By showcasing past projects and focusing on the company's experience and expertise, web design aims to drive growth. However, working with a reliable firm when building a remodeling website is the key to success. Many designers offer generalized services, presenting challenges for contractors who need to gain exposure online. The good news is that we are committed to adding value to the industry and will go the extra mile to ensure that every remodeling company we work with rises above the competition.


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Hire a web designer that's built home inspector websites. The cost of our websites are so low, that it earning just 1 job per year will pay for itself.


Fill out 1 form that takes 5 minutes, and we'll take it from there. If the website isn't done within 2 weeks your first month will be free, guaranteed.


We don't force you into contracts, or tack on extra fees. We've kept all our clients because we do good work, not because we force them to work with us.


We are on-call to make unlimited website changes. We'll get your most recent job photos up or any other updates to the site done for you. YOU DO NOTHING!

Essential Elements That Every Contractor Website Design Should Incorporate

When designing a site for a remodeling business, there are certain core elements that our team focuses on to ensure that the website ranks well in search engine results pages (SERPs) and keeps users engaged.

A Responsive Design

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a contractor website only to find that buttons do not work or that the site is hard to navigate. We ensure that every site we create incorporates a strategic and well-planned design.


Furthermore, we ensure that all web pages are mobile-friendly so that users can access them, regardless of the type of device they are using.

Customer Testimonials

Statistics show that companies that display testimonials and social proof are able to build trust with the end user. By placing these elements strategically, contractors can leverage them to boost conversion rates and grow their businesses.


The best remodeling websites are those that are accessible to people with disabilities. The contractor websites we create incorporate things such as alt text, a clear and concise layout, descriptive headings, readable text, and more.

Lead Generation

The goal of any website is to generate leads and promote sales. To do this, we will incorporate a number of elements, such as contact forms, to ensure that users can get in touch with the business easily.

Strategic calls to action, buttons that lead to social media pages, and live chat support can all improve the user experience and encourage prospects to move down the sales funnel.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO involves ensuring that a website meets strict guidelines set by search engines. This ensures that when a user searches for one of our client's renovation services, their construction company pops up in the SERPs.

We incorporate on-page, off-page, and technical aspects into our remodeling website design to ensure that our clients do not just have good-looking web pages but also ones that will rank well.

Impactful Visuals

Images are important for any contractor website because people are easily bored if there is nothing but text. We encourage the use of high-quality images from past projects to establish trust with the user. By including visuals strategically, we can ensure that they have the intended effect.

Engaging Content

Renovators should use content marketing to interact with their target audience, show off their skills, and display their portfolios.

Blog entries, articles, studies, and other such material that offer insightful information about remodeling trends and best practices may fall under this category. By publishing useful content, builders can gain the confidence and trust of potential clients by establishing themselves as experts in the field.


We focus on helping businesses produce this type of material and will stop at nothing to ensure that they are gaining the attention of website visitors by adding value.

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What Is Web Design and Why Is It Important?

The process of developing and perfecting a website's visual appearance, performance, and usability is referred to as web design. It's an essential tool for remodelers to have in order to make a lasting impression online and tell prospective customers about their services, knowledge, and special selling points.

For remodeling and construction companies to remain competitive in the modern digital age, where customers use the internet to find suitable goods and services, they must have a well-designed website.

It acts as the service provider's online storefront, giving them a place to present completed work, provide client testimonials, and communicate important brand values. In addition to capturing visitors' attention, a well-designed company website gives them confidence in the remodeler's ability.

Moreover, web design is essential for improving user experience because it makes sure consumers can find what they're looking for, browse the website with ease, and perform desired actions, whether it be getting in touch with the remodeler or scheduling an initial meeting.

Remodelers can boost their visibility, draw in more leads, and eventually expand their business in a digitally oriented market by investing in a well-designed website.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

A well-designed website is essential for remodelers trying to stand out in an overwhelmingly competitive marketplace. It acts as a virtual business card that potential clients can use to decide whether they want to work with a company.

Sadly, many service providers do not give their websites the time, effort, and investment they require. This results in slowed growth because they are not able to find new customers through organic searches.

Blue Collar Websites has dedicated itself to producing results. We make every effort to not only satisfy the requirements of search engines but also to create a visually appealing digital storefront that companies can be proud of.


Businesses can contact us to learn more or get started building an immaculate website by calling us at (740) 729-1010.

Ready For A Custom Remodeling Website?

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