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Blue Collar Websites specializes in web design for carpenters to help businesses build a strong online presence. Get your trade-specific website today!

Although skilled craftsmanship, creativity, and up-to-standard woodworking will be the foundation of success, a good website can give legitimacy, build trust, and ultimately scale a carpentry business to new heights. Having a strong online presence is non-negotiable for a tradesperson or company in any sector, and the carpentry industry is no exception. With an attractive space where internet users can land on, it'll be easy for carpenters to fight off the competition and expand their working hours. Blue Collar Websites understands the importance of building beautiful websites for carpenters and is ready to design them. Find more information below!


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Hire a web designer that's built carpenter websites. The cost of our websites are so low, that it earning just 1 job per year will pay for itself.


Fill out 1 form that takes 5 minutes, and we'll take it from there. If the website isn't done within 2 weeks your first month will be free, guaranteed.


We don't force you into contracts, or tack on extra fees. We've kept all our clients because we do good work, not because we force them to work with us.


We are on-call to make unlimited website changes. We'll get your most recent job photos up or any other updates to the site done for you. YOU DO NOTHING!

Why Carpenters Need a Beautiful Website

For carpenters, website design services are no longer a luxury but a necessity. Here's why:

Showcase Skills

A carpentry website can double as a digital portfolio, creating a compelling space where tradespeople and companies can share high-quality pictures of their recent projects to present their skills and experience to potential clients.

Increase Visibility

Since most people look for products and services online these days, a well-designed carpenter website can increase businesses' visibility by bringing their pages to the top of search engine results pages when someone searches for a related term.

Attract More Potential Customers

The more visibility a carpentry business has, the easier it'll be to attract new customers. Well-designed websites can expand a tradesperson's or company's reach to audiences that might not have found them otherwise.

Enable 24/7 Availability

One of the biggest advantages of a carpentry site is that it'll work 24/7, allowing potential clients to find the services they're looking for or access the information they need outside of business hours.

Tailored Services

In addition to a custom design, our services are also tailored to the blue-collar niche. This means that all our restoration digital marketing services are geared toward contractors. We have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and ensure that every site we work on not only satisfies search engine criteria but also meets industry and company-specific needs.

Build Trust and Credibility

With a professional website that contains clear information about carpenters' experience, certifications, qualifications, and testimonials from satisfied customers, businesses can build credibility and trust.

Establish Expertise

A website offers a space where tradespeople can share their knowledge about different techniques, woodworking tips, materials, and more. Through an optimized blog, carpenters can showcase their expertise beyond just their physical skills to gain online authority and become industry leaders.

Provide Convenience to Customers

Whether they're interested in taking some woodworking classes or need assistance with a carpentry project, potential clients won't have to make a call or fill out a contact form to reach out to carpenters. Instead, visitors can find all information about services or pricing in one place.

Promote Customer Service

If used properly, carpenter websites can improve customer service. By adding FAQs, accessible communication channels, project guides, and other downloadable resources to this online space, a business or tradesperson can demonstrate their commitment to ensuring customers are always happy.

Offer a Competitive Advantage

The carpentry industry is so competitive, but a well-designed website can help carpenters differentiate themselves from other tradespeople or businesses, which is key to success.

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Why Carpenters Should Choose Blue Collar Websites

With so many options on the market, finding the right carpentry web design agency can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, carpenters should look no further because Blue Collar Websites offers the services they need and is committed to going the extra mile to achieve the best results.

These are the reasons why many carpenters choose Blue Collar Websites:

  • Rates are reasonable. Carpenters won't have to spend a fortune to get a new website.

  • Contracts don't have misleading clauses and can be terminated as requested by customers. No one will be forced to continue using Blue Collar Websites' services if they don't want to.

  • Each website designed by this stellar team will be high-quality, responsive, attractive, and highly converting.

  • Every web designer who works for Blue Collar Websites knows the best practices for creating the perfect online space and will never use templates.

  • Since all team members have blue-collar experience, carpenters can be sure their websites will be designed based on their industry-related needs and objectives.

  • Blue Collar Websites takes pride in having a 100% American team with native English speakers since web designers aren't hired overseas.

  • If customers aren't happy with the result, this team will rebuild the website as many times as necessary until they're satisfied.

  • Carpenters won't have to create the content for their websites. Blue Collar Websites has an experienced team of writers who can compose clear and compelling copies to promote their services and educate customers.

Blue Collar Websites' Web Design Services

Blue Collar Websites has two main service categories that include everything needed to help carpenters succeed in the digital realm. These are:

Carpentry Website Design

This experienced team can ideate, design, and build visually compelling, functional, and fast-loading carpentry websites according to customers' needs.

Blue Collar Websites will handle this process from start to finish, defining the ideal color palette, adding the required social media icons, and making sure each page offers a smooth browsing experience.

Carpentry Website Management

After creating the online space, this company's designers will assess and manage the website to ensure its performance is optimal and quickly fix any issues that may arise.

Get In Touch with Blue Collar Websites Today

Working with a seasoned web designer is a wise decision for carpenters who want to take their businesses to the next level. Well-structured and responsive pages are powerful tools to build trust, ensure customer satisfaction, and gain recognition.

Don't want to miss out on the benefits and opportunities that a carpenter website offers? Contact Blue Collar Websites today!

How Blue Collar Websites Can Help Carpenters

Carpenters who want to leverage these benefits to elevate their businesses can find the assistance they need at Blue Collar Websites.

This well-trained and knowledgeable team has extensive experience designing high-quality and visually appealing websites for tradespeople and companies across different industries.

Ready For A Custom Carpenter Website?

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